I've developed multiple automation tools for my Discord Bot, Corebot. These automation tools include marketing data collection for my own purposes, as well as automated ticket support tools to help server owners manage their communities more efficiently. Through these projects, I gained experience in utilizing various technologies to automate and streamline processes.
Bethel Community Church
As part of my work with Bethel Community Church, I had the opportunity to implement a range of automation tools to enhance their live stream. These tools included:
• Stream Scheduling
• Automatic Creation of YouTube Thumbnails
• Stream Setup
• Connection between live lyrics software and OBS
• Live scene switching using data from cameras and mixer board
• Stream Monitoring
• Stream Timestamping
• Song data collection

To implement these automation tools, I used the following technologies:
• Node.js
• HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
• YouTube API
• SongShowPlus API + API Reverse Engineering
• Mixer Board API

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